February 14, 2009

Jarred Roy was born just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, but the East Coast couldn’t hold on to him for long.  After  high school, Jarred traveled to Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, and California, drawn by the idea of boarding down the snowy peaks of the mountain ranges to be found on the West Coast.  Not one to remain stagnant, Jarred Roy eventually found himself called to a new, vastly different region, and a new type of rush: surfing.  Soon Jarred was calling the Hawaiian Islands home, and for several years Jarred Roy divided his time between surfing the Hawaiian coastlines and supporting himself through small construction projects.

Eventually deciding to return to the metropolitan lifestyle he had once known before his life on the islands, Jarred Roy chose Colorado as his new destination.  Colorado, with its booming construction market and snowboard-ready mountain range, was the perfect choice for the next phase in his adult life.    Continuing his construction training, Jarred began learning about welding, and soon became certified with the American Welding Society.  Working days, nights and weekends, Jarred Roy was able to expand his skill set, and today is the founder of City Lights Construction, a construction company based west of Denver.


“Specializing in modern / industrial designs while utilizing sustainable eco-friendly materials and methods, City Lights Construction’s furniture is captivating and unique. Made to order furniture as well as custom designed pieces are available.”


“City Lights Construction strives to maintain its position in the forefront as Denver, Colorado’s leading “Green” sustainable furniture manufacturer. We pride ourselves on construction that is “Built to Last”. Our motto is to take the time upfront and have a quality product as the end result. Due to the current environmental issues we face; City Lights is committed to utilizing sustainable materials and sustainable building and manufacturing practices. City Lights stands behind all of its products and projects with strong dedication to long term client relationships.”